Change through therapy - Austin

Change through therapy - Austin


This is one of the most challenging—but perhaps most rewarding -- areas of specialty in my work:  life changes.  They create opportunity to reinvent your life, starting with…yourself!  I’ll use myself as an example.

Psychotherapy is not my first career.  I worked for more than a decade in the corporate, high-tech world of commercial television.  It was exciting, lucrative, but ultimately, unsatisfying.  I yearned to do something “important.”  So in my mid 30’s, I chucked it all, went to graduate school and, essentially, reinvented my life.  During that time I also went through a painful divorce, relocated, and battled health problems.

Because of my experience, I love the opportunity to work with others who are going through life transitions.   A transition, whether you choose it or it chooses you, can be very confusing and intimidating.  It tends to bring out our worse doubts and fears.  We may feel that we have regressed to adolescence when we encounter so many new things that don’t make sense!  We have to go through a period where we are no longer “experts”, we don’t have answers and sometimes, we don’t even know the questions.  But with all these difficulties, it can be joyful time of discovery, empowerment and a hard lesson in who and what we are made of.  Very often, it involves a spiritual awakening.

Are you looking to change careers?  Move across the country – or across the world?  Maybe the transition you’re imagining is of a spiritual nature?  Or have changes in health forced you to reorganize priorities?  Seriously consider enlisting professional assistance as you negotiate your way through this period of your life.  Perhaps I can be the one to help you.

Change is difficult and often painful.  And change, even welcome change, means loss.  When I experienced my life transition, I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anybody.  At the same time, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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